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Slayer World is a new WebRing for all fans of Buffy who own sites that have anything to do with the show. To be eligible to join this WebRing:


1. Your site should have something to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (something NICE- no 'we hate Buffy' sites will be admitted)

2. Your site should not contain any crude or offensive material

3. The HTML fragment for this WebRing should be plainly visible on your site.



Once you have submitted the form below, you will be sent an email containing the HTML fragment to be placed on your site, then wait for your site to be reviewed by myself before it will be admitted to the Slayer World

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<P ALIGN="CENTER"><A HREF=";id=1;prev"><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=200 align=left></A><A HREF=";id=1;next"><IMG SRC="" BORDER=0 WIDTH=150 HEIGHT=200 align=right></A></P>

<B><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#c0c0c0"><P ALIGN="CENTER">This</FONT><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#800080"> </B></FONT><A HREF=""><B><FONT SIZE=4>Slayer World</B></FONT></A><B><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#800080"> </FONT><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#c0c0c0">site is owned by</FONT><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#800080"> </B></FONT><A HREF=""><B><FONT SIZE=4>Nisha</B></FONT></A><B><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#800080">.</P>

</FONT><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#c0c0c0"><P ALIGN="CENTER">Join </B></FONT><A HREF=""><B><FONT SIZE=4>Slayer World</B></FONT></A><B><FONT SIZE=4 COLOR="#800080"><BR>




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 And here's what it should look like:

This Slayer World site is owned by Nisha.

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