Friends Stuff

For all fans of one of the greatest T.V. shows ever created, check out these places for some of the best sites containing links, recent cast photos, episode spoilers, free e-mail and LOADS more stuff:

Friends Cafe

Central Perk

Friends at Geocities

Send a Friends E-Card to your best buds or, if you want to meet other fans of the show, checkout the Friends Chat Network. There's also a great Internet fan club called Friends Like Us which you can join to get a monthly newsletter containing the hottest gossip on the stars of the show, as well as quotes from the episodes and plot outlines for the new series.


Photo Galleries.

Matt Perry Pics

Matt Le Blanc Pics

David Schwimmer Pics

Cast Pics


Cool Friends Sites

Dan's Shrine to Friends

UK Friends

The Official Site...I Think!

The Official NBC Friends Site

The Friends FTP Site-- For Great Downloads

Phoebe's Song Book

Pulp Friends-- An imaginary episode written in the style of Quentin Tarantino!!!

All About TV Friends

The Complete Friends Page-- Everything you ever wanted to know about the show...

The Friends Page-- A great site for pics, sounds, links....

The Friends Place

The Friends Zone

And finally, a couple of my own Friends pages- Bing-Speak, for some funny Chandler quotes and my page of the 101 Things Every Friends Fan Should Know. >

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