...Slayer Sounds...

I've uploaded some sounds from the show - there're loads more to come...

Click on the link to hear the sound

Buffy Theme Music (403 KB)

When I Kiss You (131 KB)

Buffy is The Slayer (87 KB)

She is The Chosen One (65 KB)

I Don't Bite (23 KB)

Paranormal Phenomena (27 KB)

You Have To Go (35 KB)

Freaky World (48 KB)

Dead Boy (37 KB)

Muscle Tone (46 KB)

Someone Wasn't Worthy (31 KB)

Terrible Things (46 KB)

We Suck (40 KB)

Hi Honey, I'm Home (19 KB)

Benefit of the Doubt (43 KB)

Love Makes You Do the Wackeys (19 KB)

Fluffy Bunny Feelings (106 KB)


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